Yoga Consultant Evan Soroka Talks Healing Through Movement

By Christine Benedetti | January 28, 2020 | People

Evan Soroka’s yoga therapy may cure what ails people—for good.


When she was in her 20s, Evan Soroka ( realized that yoga helped her manage the daily symptoms she was feeling from her Type 1 diabetes, a disease she’s had since she was a child. She evolved from practitioner to teacher, and, coming full circle, Soroka is now a certified yoga therapist with the only private yoga therapy clinic in the Roaring Fork Valley and hopes to provide others with the relief that she discovered.

“I’m a yoga consultant,” she says. “People come to me with an ailment—injury, trouble sleeping, etc.—and I give them a prescription that they can adjust progressively in their lives.” Her goal is to give people enough tools through movement, breathwork and meditation that they don’t need her consult anymore. “It’s not the best business model,” she admits. “But it’s what I want to give people. What a gift that someone can carry with them the rest of their lives.”

During an initial session with Soroka, she’ll walk through symptoms and offer a full-body and mind assessment, looking for subtle imbalances. As a Viniyogi-certified therapist, she’s trained to treat people through a series of recommendations linking yoga poses and breathing.

“Paying attention,” she says. “That’s all were doing, but it’s still hard.” Clients coming out of her sessions should feel like they’ve just had a massage or acupuncture treatment, she says. And, then, unlike both of those services, which require another person, the client has the skills to continue achieving that feeling on their own. Eventually, whatever ails them should be dramatically reduced or cured.


Photography by: Courtesy of Evan Soroka