Wildfeast Gala

| November 27, 2018 | Parties

Wilderness Workshop hosted the Wildfeast gala to celebrate massive feats and benefit future efforts toward protecting public land.

THE PARTY At the entrance to Caribou Alley, guests were greeted with a glass of wine and a wilderness-inspired Social Light photo booth. Downstairs in the Caribou Club, more drinks and hors d’oeuvres were passed before Executive Director Sloan Shoemaker addressed his team and supporters, as his 21 years with the organization were coming to a close. THE GUESTS Nada Culver, Kerry Donovan, T.A. Barron, co-founder Connie Harvey THE HIGHLIGHTS Each table was named after a different public land that held significance with the organization. Guests enjoyed a locally sourced, seasonal dinner while John Sarpa played auctioneer for the evening. A painting was gifted by the team to Shoemaker as a sentimental farewell. Wilderness Workshop raised well into six figures, furthering its efforts to protect our wild places. -Muriel Perez

Photos by Muriel Perez


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