Why Celebrities Trust Haimov Jewelers with Their Accessories

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | May 6, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


Jewelry isn’t purchased for no reason. It can send a message, signify a bond, or accentuate an outfit. When purchasing a new piece of jewelry, you have the option of earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches, among other things. The list of brands and shops that produce jewelry is endless. However, for those in Miami, there is no better choice than Haimov Jewelers for the jewelry and accessories they want.

Since this jewelry boutique was founded in 1989 by Igal Haimov, the current chairman and CEO of Haimov Jewelers, it has designed and released numerous accessories that have been praised for their detailed craftsmanship and high quality. The brand’s notoriety has spread outside of Miami and attracted the attention of many noteworthy clients. Just a few of the superstars that have entrusted the production of their jewelry to Haimov Jewelers are Jason Derulo, Lil Pump, and Maluma.

What Haimov Jewelers is Renowned For

Haimov Jewelers has been praised for exceeding their clients’ expectations, helping their notoriety spread across the country. Here are the reasons why Haimov Jewelers has successfully made a name for itself and why celebrities choose the boutique.

Quality and magnificence of jewelry
The quality of the jewelry they produce is one of the factors most valued by Haimov Jewelers. The Haimov team is dedicated to creating accessories that are unlike any other, be it in terms of design quality or overall condition. The shop is attentive to every detail, and as a result their craftsmanship stands out in the jewelry industry.

Wide variety of fine jewelry types
Ever since he was young, Igal Haimov knew that designing and creating fine jewelry was his calling in life. Although his shop is very much successful as it is now and widely admired for the products it offers, Haimov never stops looking for the best combination of elements to craft pieces of jewelry.

Clients can purchase 14kt, 18kt, loose diamonds, watches, and yellow, rose, and white gold. If they want to order a custom piece, Haimov Jewelers offers that service as well.

Attention and respect to customers
It is not only the founder that is responsible for the success of a business. Haimov Jewelers is indeed a family business, and several members of Igal’s family assist with various aspects of the company. Haimov Jewelers does their best to treat their customers as if they were part of the family as well. Every customer is respected and given the attention they require, regardless of their celebrity status. Many clients attest that Haimov Jewelers is one of the best jewelry companies when it comes to customer service.

Both the general public as well as celebrities go to Haimov Jewelers to purchase their products because they give all of their customers the respect and attention they want. They offer many varieties of jewelry for sale, all of which feature impressive quality and design. Haimov Jewelers has also offered their services to international clients from countries like Australia, Canada, and China; regardless of where they are from, all of their clients have commended this shop’s excellence.

Photography by: Haimov Jewelers