Welcoming Big Benevolent to Aspen

BY Shannon Asher | February 7, 2017 | Feature Features

These days, everyone can be a “hero” or look like a stunt professional with a GoPro. Now that Aspen has officially welcomed Big Benevolent to the neighborhood, get ready. With a crew on site to offer tips and tricks of the trade on how to get the best out of your adventure or outing, things have never been so fun. Return your GoPro at the end of the day and voila, let the specialists work their magic. Your video will be ready to show off the very next day. Curious? Here are some basic things you need to know to get started.
From left: Keith Brisson, Nelson Riley, Lizzie Cohen and Ryan Moriarty

1. What is Big Benevolent?
Big Benevolent is a team of professionals who offer video editing services along with the best video equipment. They transform your raw footage into a short movie that will compress your moments of glory so you can easily share it with everyone. The best perk? The crew will coach guests on how to use their equipment most effectively, the best shots to capture, and offer add-ons like gimbals for more advanced videographers.

2. Where is Big Benevolent located?
On Hunter Street right in front of the Gondola. Look for the deck lounge with couches and fire pits adjacent to Big Wrap. Clients can easily grab a GoPro and then hit the slopes!

3. How much will this service cost?
Packages range in cost depending on various factors. $200 will allow guests to rent a GoPro for the day and receive a 2-3 minute video of edited footage. The packages will be based on which equipment guests want to rent ($50 more gets you an additional GoPro or a gimbal), whether clients want to keep the GoPros with them all day (and all night, so they can record their evening in Aspen), and locals get a half-off discount. Right now, locals can also drop off their already-recorded footage and get an edited video for free.

4. Who are the founders?
Aspen locals Ryan Moriarty, Lizzie Cohen, Nelson Riley and Keith Brisson. These thirty-something year olds are experienced entrepreneurs who are excited to launch this brilliant new startup.

5. Why is this a must before your big Aspen adventure?
What better souvenir than an edited GoPro video? Aspen is full of year-round adventures that are film worthy. Make your Facebook friends green with envy when they see your epic videos from Big Benevolent.

6. What are Big Benevolent clients already saying?
“Big Benevolent is the perfect medium between the love of the outdoors and the audience.” - Eric Sullivan "You guys did a GREAT JOB! We are thrilled with our birthday ski video and how you managed to capture the best moments from a bunch of random footage. The party music was icing on the cake. What a cool service for Aspen!" - Amanda Rae “I AM DYING! Crying at work! Love it so much. Thank you, this is pretty freaking hilarious -- what a priceless gift!” - Alexandra George

Watch their videos on Facebook or YouTube and visit the store to get a video of your own!

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