Top 5 Highlights From the Sir Anthony Hopkins Opening Exhibition

BY Shannon Asher | August 5, 2016 | Feature Features

Most people know Sir Anthony Hopkins from his portrayal of Hannibal Lector in "The Silence of the Lambs," or, perhaps from one of his other notable films including "Legends of the Fall," "The Bounty," "Meet Joe Black" and "Remains of the Day." But not many know that acting isn't his only creative outlet. Hopkins is also a visual artist and composer. His abstract, gestural works of art are fueled by raw spontaneity and color. His bold visages have eyes that seem to “see all.” His serigraphs and paintings are now on display at Cha Cha Gallery (426 E Hyman Ave., 970.925.1435).
Impatience Rosé's unique bottle and delicious taste—dry, delicate and smooth with floral notes—make for a winning combination.

1. The Sir Anthony Hopkins team was in attendance.
Sir Anthony Hopkins originally planned on being in attendance at the opening Cha Cha exhibition. Unfortunately, he was delayed because of a full schedule of rehearsals for four different plays. Fortunately, his team was able to speak on his behalf about his work (one of the members of his team was actually his niece).

2. Chateau de Berne Impatience Rosé sponsored the event.
Impatience Rosé is a pleasure-filled, flowery dry rosé with a long, smooth finish. Pale salmon in color, this pink rosé boasts a pretty, iridescent shimmer. It was the perfect complement to Chef Randy Placeres’ epicurean flair, as it contains a fresh and lively nose, with fairly powerful fruity and floral aromas. We caught up with brand ambassador Stefani Burns, who is passionate about Chateau de Berne Impatience Rosé: “Rosé wine is versatile and it’s approachable. The rosé trend is growing in popularity, however, not all rosés are created equal—the integrity of the juice begins with the vines. Chateau de Berne has been a vineyard in Provence since 1750; the vines are south-facing and sheltered by lush forest so the grapes are matured slowly in chalky and clay soil,” she explains.

3. Chef Randy Placeres sponsored the event.
Randy Placeres, founder of Aspen Culinary Solutions, catered the memorable and delectable food served to guests at the exhibition. Placeres created Aspen Culinary Solutions as a high-end catering company to serve the needs of his clients and to have the freedom of putting an original spin on traditional dishes. His menu featured yellowtail and ahi crudo, sweet thai chili agave shrimp, Colorado beef and Colorado lamb.

4. Aspen Music Festival and School students performed a symphony composed by Sir Anthony Hopkins.
Featuring three violinists and one cellist, the dynamic quartet drew a crowd outside of Cha Cha Gallery on East Hyman Avenue. The live music added to the overall ambience of a very elegant evening. Passersby were intrigued by the original score; many stopped to appreciate the beautiful sounds coming from outside of the gallery.

5. The event boasted exclusive VIP attendees.
The VIPs included Charif and Charlotte Souki, owners of Cha Cha Gallery; photographers Alan Becker and Andrea Booher; Chip Comins, founder of AREDAY; John Silberman, founder of; Steve and Satchi Reynolds of Yardhouse restaurants; George and Louise Collins, acclaimed real estate brokers; artist Tania Dibbs; Jennifer Slaughter with Anderson Ranch and husband Derek Skalko; and Stephen Jones of the Contemporary Austin-Jones Center.

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