Soothe Sun Exposure at Aesthetics Of Aspen

By Christine Benedetti | November 8, 2019 | Style & Beauty Feature Features

Colorado’s 300 days of solar rays are good for the soul, but not for the skin.


Life at altitude is no joke. It may be beautiful, but the harsh climate takes its toll, from making it hard to breathe to more sun exposure. In fact, for every 1,000 meters gained in altitude, ultraviolet rays increase by 10 to 12%, according to the World Health Organization. When on snow, which is reflective, that figure jumps to 80%. Amanda Carnes, owner of Aesthetics of Aspen, reiterates that prevention is the best approach, but she also offers solutions for skin that’s been ravaged by the sun. 204 Basalt Center Circle, Basalt,

“We’ve all heard these tips a million times, but hydration begins inside and reflects outwardly in our skin. Especially in high altitudes, drink plenty of water; be committed to wearing a hat or some protective gear to guard from the sun; combat dehydration during outdoor activities; and always use a daily moisturizer with SPF.”

“It is wise to be proactive with the products we ingest. Even the best intended skincare regimen can be counteractive if loaded with unhealthy chemicals. Familiarize yourself with your products’ ingredients.”

“Cleansers might not be as sexy as a serum or moisturizer, but many are loaded with alcohol or other drying agents. A carefully selected cleanser, such as the warming honey cleanser by IS Clinical ($42), is the first step toward a healthy regimen.”

“When caring for your skin, it is imperative to layer according to molecular size. A cleanser should begin the process, followed by oils, serums or treatments. Moisturizers should always conclude the regimen. Time and money are wasted by layering a serum’s small molecule after the cumbersome moisturizer’s molecule occupies the entire pore. Also, it is not a hoax to choose day/ nighttime products; some active ingredients are canceled out by sun exposure, especially products meant to combat oily or acne-prone
skin issues.”

“Intense Pulse Light, or PhotoFacial, is a perfect treatment to schedule in the fall. After all of our fun in the sun, we have enjoyed the activities that do the most damage to our skin. Rather than staying inside, utilize advancements in laser therapies to reverse the damage. IPL successfully removes sun spots, sometimes in one treatment, and is also effective with combatting all discoloration, scars or undesired skin textures.”

“A Nano Fractional Treatment prompts natural collagen regeneration and resurfacing. It’s like microneedling on steroids, utilizing energy rather than needles to trick the body into thinking it has been injured, prompting the body’s healing process. This process will plump skin, smooth wrinkles and scarring, dissolve hyperpigmentation, and regenerate new baby-smooth skin.”

“Microneedling is the best preventative treatment for skincare in the mountains. A heavy serum with hyaluronic acid is paired with the mirconeedling treatment to trigger our body’s natural healing process. You see immediate results, but the gift keeps on giving several weeks later as the process continues. The moisturizers are forced to penetrate deep into your dermal layer. A take-home collagen induction masque further complements the treatment. No downtime, no pain, easy and fab results. Add platelet-rich plasma, commonly known as a Vampire Facial, for additional skin benefits.” $300 per session


Photography by: Christin Hume/Unsplash