BY Christine Benedetti | November 20, 2018 | Feature Features

Base Village is finally welcoming vitality with the debut of a new hotel, private residences and one tasty crepe shack.
Everyone's welcome to nestle up near the fireplace in the community area of the new Limelight Hotel Snowmass—no res required.

In the Limelight
When the 99 rooms and 11 private residences open at the Limelight Hotel Snowmass (rooms from $200-$795), everyone is invited to sit in the guests’ living room. Aspen Skiing Company’s third iteration of the Limelight will take what’s worked in its flagship Aspen location and make it better. (There’s also one in Ketchum, Idaho.) Part of that successful equation is a bustling community area that hosts live music several nights a week; dishes out wood-fired pizzas; and functions as a meeting place for families, guests and just about anyone who wants in on the action. New York-based Stonehill & Taylor Architect principal Michael Suomi led the interior design process, while Denver-based Oz Architects did the architectural work. Suomi was so good at it, SkiCo has also enlisted his company to revamp the Aspen property in 2020.

ON THE LOBBY The two-sided fireplace welcomes guests on one side and has a sunken social place on the other side. It functions as the heart of the hotel.

ON THE GUESTS It’s for people who are outdoor-adventure enthusiasts. The hotel is really designed to accommodate the needs of someone with their own equipment. That means more storage, open cubbies and ski concierge.

ON THE ROOMS They all have a spacious wet bar in the entry, and that’s a signature feature. The flexible dining space transforms the typical desk into a banquette for eating in the room or playing games. And because the floor is covered in a superdurable carpet to withstand ski boots, we implemented wood-veneer paneling into a tray ceiling to make sure there were still natural elements.

ON THE KIDS We created a special kids area. It’s a big area, semiscreened, and has great views. It also has kid-size furniture and video games.

ON THE FUN At five stories, the indoor climbing wall is now the largest in the state, and it features replicated routes found on Independence Pass.

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