Our Dish-by-Dish Guide to Restaurants that Are Invested in the Harvest and Plating it Best

Lisa Blake | May 17, 2019 | Food & Drink

Element 47’s wagyu beef, sourced from Emma Farms

Thanks to a booming $40 billion agriculture industry, a prosperous new generation of farmers and ranchers, and dedicated boots-in-the-dirt regional distributors, eating farm to table—and, more importantly, knowing where your food is coming from—has never been simpler.

Last year, the Colorado Department of Agriculture counted 33,800 farms and ranches across our great state. The Roaring Fork Valley and neighboring Grand Valley’s rich agricultural traditions play out across Aspen menus year-round, but late spring and early summer are when harvests really get rolling.

In an ode to the region’s blessed soil and Aspen diners’ ever-evolving appetite for the purest of pure, we present this progressive Colorado-grown dining experience.

Afternoon Refresher

First Course


Small Plate

Side Dish

Something Sweet


Photography by: the little nell