Oat Milk Isn't the Only Dairy Alternative in Town

Etta Meyer | August 7, 2019 | Food & Drink Feature

Move over dairy, alternative milks made from plant sources are all the rage on the Aspen barista scene.


Oats: They’re Not Just for Cookies
Even Paradise Bakery jumped on the alt-milk bandwagon in a big way this winter by being one of the first in town to offer oat milk alongside its almond and soy options. Oat milk was such a hit when it was introduced to cafes in Brooklyn in 2016, the city experienced a shortage that was documented in The New Yorker. Is oat gelato next? 320 S. Galena St.


A Housemade Three-Nut Blend
Since its inception six years ago, Spring Cafe has been brewing housemade nut milk for use in its smoothies and lattes. After soaking overnight, a tri-nut mix of almonds, cashews and walnuts are blended with water for a protein-full brew with a creamy taste that would make half-and-half blush. (Technically cashews are legumes, but we aren’t complaining.) 119 S. Spring St.


The Chicest Nut
The baristas at Local Coffee House take nondairy alternatives to the next level by offering the nectar of a trendier, more niche nut: the macadamia. The brand Milkadamia is used by Local in turmeric or matcha lattes to add intense creaminess with a hint of sweet. The nut product is sustainably farmed in Australia, and per the box, offers 50% more calcium than dairy milk. 614 E. Cooper Ave.


Photography by: spring cafe photo by jessie chaney | matcha photo by unsplash | oat milk photo by istock/ losinstantes