Mountain Millennials

| June 15, 2015 | Parties

Aspen Magazine hosted an after-work Millennials of Aspen party March 11 at the Limelight Hotel to honor the local entrepreneurs, nonprofit execs and other leaders ages 25 to 35 featured in our midwinter issue.

Jeff Gorsuch, Klaus Obermeyer, Steven Shane, plus the 19 millennials we honored

Some 200 locals of all generations came together in the Limelight’s airy lobby to celebrate these young professionals over wood-fired gourmet pizzas and other light bites, accompanied by Suerte tequila cocktails. Obermeyer, Shane and Gorsuch each gave short talks, sharing advice gleaned from their experiences running businesses in Aspen as well as commentary on the value of Generation Y to our community. (Obermeyer also noted that he stays in enviable shape at age 95 partly by swimming daily. “I swam the distance from Aspen to Denver one year—and the next year, I swam back,” he quipped.) DJ Bhakti Styler spun tunes as guests lingered well past cocktail hour. –Photos by Seth Beckton


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