Martha Stewart Offers Swanky Home Storage Solutions

Christine Benedetti | August 26, 2020 | Home & Real Estate National

2019FriedmanMStewartCorpPORTRAITS0754PR.jpgMartha Stewart used her own experience with California Closets to develop a signature line with the brand

Leave it to the queen of reinvention to partner with a legacy brand and make it distinctly her own. That’s what happened when Martha Stewart invited California Closets into her Bedford, N.Y., home to transform an extra bedroom into a custom walk-in closet. “We installed the most beautiful closet, and it ended up being one of the most popular features in Martha Stewart Living,” she says. “That was the start of my relationship with California Closets. This will be their first-ever modular closet system, and I’m so glad to be part of it.”

2019FriedmanMStewartCorpPANTRY0566PR.jpgThe Everyday System can be used as a pantry in the kitchen.

The two announced The Everyday System in February, making customizable modular storage solutions approachable, with classic Stewart elements such as graphite and gold metal accent colors and a metal mesh door that allows clothes to breathe and easily be seen.

Functionality, however, is the system’s signature component: It can be installed and reinstalled, transitioning from organization in a home office to a pantry or a media room as needs change. Hundreds of structural combinations are connected to the wall at only two points, and a proprietary track system conceals adjustable shelving, hanging areas and shoe storage. Thoughtful touches include a USB port and outlet for charging or home office adaptability.

2019FriedmanMStewartCorpOFFICE0049PR.jpgIt’s also suitable for a home office.

But before tackling the closet with this upgrade, Stewart has some advice: “You need to go into organizing your closet with a plan in place and have designated areas for your various types of clothes—shoes, blouses, sweaters, pants. These should all be separate and have their own space, even if it is not terribly large,” she says. “I also like to keep seasonal pieces I don’t need stored away to free up space.”

Photography by: Douglas Friedman