Kristin Dittmar Has the Most Fun Designing the Smallest Room of the House

Tess Strokes | August 26, 2019 | Home & Real Estate

Kristin Dittmar works exclusively with Tuscan Marble Quarries in Aspen to source stone slabs for her bathrooms.

Aspen designer Kristin Dittmar manages close to 10 projects at a time (and a 1-year-old son), from 6,000-square-foot homes and businesses like 02 Aspen and the restaurant 7908 to 20,000-square-foot out-of-state office buildings. Of all the rooms she designs with her distinctive modern-mountain aesthetic, it’s the powder room that has Dittmar most excited right now. “Powder rooms are little gems—you can do something different and fun that stands out from the rest of the house,” she says. While she designs the master bath for the homeowner, she creates powder rooms catered to the guest experience. “You can play with the mood of the light and keep it romantic and dim,” says Dittmar. And the smaller space lends itself to daring designs with little consequence (think removable wallpaper). In this project, she blended two kinds of Italian marble and played with the size and scale of the tile. Dittmar’s own custom marble sink line set the tone for the soft and feminine gray-and-white palette. In the same home, she designed a powder room downstairs with black marble countertop and wall detail to add a surprise pop. Primping has never looked better.

Photography by: brooke casillas