Fjord to Table

BY Linda Hayes | January 29, 2019 | Feature Features

Sustainable seafood, on the rise

During the 2018 Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Verlasso salmon dropped a line about the benefits and potential of sustainable aquaculture at an invitation-only dinner at Lance Armstrong and Anna Hansen’s house. The debut of a new film depicting aquaculture operations (saltwater fish farms) in the clean, cold fjords of Chilean Patagonia, where Verlasso salmon is farmed, was compelling. But sustainable seafood author and chef Barton Seaver’s dish—pearly-pink Verlasso salmon roasted with fresh pine needles, lemon and thyme, then finished with a silky pine nut sauce and greens—had diners hooked. Angling for a taste? In town at the Caribou Club, chef Miles Angelo pairs grilled Verlasso salmon with charred leeks, poached cuttlefish “noodles” and salmon roe. At the Roaring Fork Club downvalley, chef Vinnie Russo serves it seared, picatta-style, with charred tomato and lemon, and an herbed mustard sauce. Alternately, home cooks can simply pick some up at Clark’s Market for $19 a pound, hit it with some heat (generally, less is more) and have at it.

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