Dine at Betula for Apple Napoleon and Inventive Cocktails

The Editors | August 23, 2019 | Food & Drink Feature

Drink Me From the Bottom includes Belvedere vodka, strawberry and ginger syrup, lime juice, homemade birch basil tincture, fresh nutmeg and club soda.

The latest collaboration between the co-owners of Bonito, a restaurant in St. Barth, this cozy-chic spot with a view offers deliciously innovative plates of French pan-American cuisine. Start off with their signature ceviche ‘Bonito’’ and end with the suckling pig pork confit (or one of eight mouth-watering desserts). 525 E. Cooper Ave., Ste. 201, 970.429.8683



From top: Betula’s warm caramel apple Napoleon; salmon gravlax with puy green lentils, juniper berries blinis, red onion, celery, ikur and horseradish cream.


Photography by: romeo balancourt