4 Common Problems in the Kitchen

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When thinking about and designing a kitchen, the goal for everyone should be a well thought out design that has high and long-term functionality. After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home and where we congregate with the people we love.


With modern kitchen design, the goal has always been a minimalist look. But this sleek aesthetic can sometimes clash with the needs of the kitchen; easy access to a litany of different cooking tools and ingredients. The masterminds behind bulthaup Aspen have given us 4 common problems and solutions that will help you assess if you have a problem in your kitchen, and how best to fix them to make sure your kitchen is as great as it can be.

Problem #1: Too Much Stuff
“My husband and I cook A LOT, so we have accumulated tons of different dishes and specialized tools. With the formal ware and everyday items, we have trouble finding places to fit everything!”
Solution: Customizable Cabinetry
This full height cabinet functions like a custom armoire. It is equipped with 24” adjustable shelves and internal drawers to store everything you might need space for. Once you’re done, the built-in pocket doors cleanly conceal everything out of sight.


Problem #2: Inefficient Access
“When I’m cooking, I always find myself having to go halfway across my kitchen to get the tools I need. I wish I could have exactly what I need right at my fingertips.”
Solution: Function Box
Unique tools like bulthaup’s Function Box make having your favorite chefs knife easily accessible, while still being stylishly hidden behind a seamless panel. This fully customizable feature has electrical outlets and lighting built in and allows multiple different options from cutting boards, knife holders, or spice racks to be nicely hidden while still in arms reach of your prep areas.


Problem #3: Lack of Lighting
“I’ve always felt like all the overhead lighting in my kitchen is too far away for me to really see what I’m doing while prepping meals.”
Solution: Mounted Swivel Lights
These sleek channel mounted LED swivel lights provide the perfect amount of light just in the right place. The focused beam can be directed up, down, or sideways giving you the option of using it as you see fit, whether for prep work or ambiance.


Problem #4: Drawer Disaster
“My kitchen drawers are always messy, try as I might, everything just gets grouped all into one. I would LOVE to have a system that accommodates everything I have!”
Solution: Custom Drawer Inserts
These are one of our favorite features, really giving our clients the ability to customize their drawer storage. The Prism inserts – triangular shaped dividers – provide endless flexibility for storing anything and everything in drawer space. With stainless trays and leather mats keeping everything from sliding around, drawers are stylish and immensely functional. Knife block inserts also keep sharp tools contained and out of sight.


Jed MacKenzie, CKD, and William Landeros, CKD are Senior Project Designers at bulthaup Denver Aspen. With showrooms in Denver and Aspen, bulthaup services all areas of the Rocky Mountain West and specializes in designing signature kitchens. View their profile or contact them at 303.777.5409.

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