Cannabis Cooking

BY Christine Benedetti | January 22, 2018 | Feature Features

With marijuana's meteoric rise in Colorado, people are finding many uses for pot—including cooking.
Placeres drizzles DopeSauce on broiled Chilean sea bass with caramelized Thai chili.

Randy Placeres has been a chef in Aspen for nearly 20 years, but his career shifted significantly Dec. 10, 2012. That’s when Colorado made it legal for anyone over 21 to possess or use marijuana in their own home. It was still one year before voters approved recreational sales of marijuana, but he was already well into the world of cannabis cooking. “I had the notion to infuse cannabis into butters and oils, recognizing those are the basis for French cuisine,” he says.

Through his company, Aspen Culinary Solutions, Placeres’ private clients, from Fortune 500 CEOs to celebrities, started to nudge him to cook marijuana-infused food for them. “It gradually and gracefully picked up with younger clients, then expanded… and then it was suddenly a group of 70-year-old buddies laughing about their cannabis brunch.” Since then, his client list has expanded to include A-listers—Justin Timberlake, the Rolling Stones, John Legend—and corporate clients, including High Times. Today, 65 percent of his business is focused on cannabis cooking.

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