Bluebird Productions Knows a Wedding Meal Taste Even More Delicious on a Beautifully-Designed Tabletop

The Editors | July 2, 2019 | Lifestyle

A memorable meal starts with fabulous setting. Enter the curated tablescape. But white tablecloths and red roses are a thing of the past. “We created a tabletop that blends masculinity with femininity—combining delicate with bold on a texture-rich table,” says Virginia Edelson of Bluebird Productions. “Our goal with this table is to create something versatile enough that it could be used for a wedding, but also a shower or rehearsal dinner.”


“Seasonal and locally sourced flowers (as much as possible) will always remain on trend. We work with floral designers who are intentional about each and every stem,” says Edelson. “The greatest beauty is found in restrained minimalism when using the best-quality products.” Three Leaf Floral, Grand Junction

“Update the crisp white napkin by mixing up how it’s folded. This folded knot frames the place setting nicely but still has a loose and organic feeling next to the other hard goods,” says Edelson.

“Taper candles add lovely dimension, elevation and structure to the table scene; they burn for a long time and they’re not scented, which is a plus when the smell of the food should be what people remember,” Edelson says.

“The feel of a glass is most important to us,” Edelson says. “Using a high-quality thin glass makes that wine taste so much better!”

“Using a unique presentation plate is a great way to personalize a tabletop and make a statement. Gone are the days of the standard white rental plate,” says Edelson.


Photography by: Megan Wynn | shot on location at bluebird productions studio