Aspen, Where the Bud flows Like Wine!

The Green Joint The Green Joint | December 17, 2020 | Lifestyle Sponsored Post

We are a friendly, family-owned, and operated cannabis company with 4 amazing locations that span throughout the Western Slope of Colorado. We offer premium, locally cultivated cannabis strains along with premium cannabis products blended with fantastic customer service. We craft our service to meet the needs of novice and veteran cannabis consumers. The Green Joint’s elite and dedicated cannabis team has been proudly serving the greater Roaring Fork Valley since 2009, which we happily call home!


What really sets us apart from other dispensaries is our devotion and commitment to our proprietary cultivation process that strives for perfection and excellence through every step of the process. We specialize in growing over 20 award-winning, high-quality cannabis strains that have been appropriately selected and sought out for their cannabinoid contents and strong genetic traits. Each plant is nurtured, harvested, and trimmed by hand to ensure every nugget is well cared for and properly maintained throughout the entire cultivation process.


Where does our award-winning status come from? Our local community! The Green Joint has been graciously honored with the “Local’s Choice Award” for the category of Best Marijuana Dispensary – winning the Gold Medal 7 years in a row (2014-2020)!

We’re also thrilled to be recognized by Leafly as one of the top 20 dispensaries in Colorado.


Our purpose is to ensure that every patron has the best overall cannabis experience possible. We want to make you happy and build a long-lasting relationship! Our veteran budtenders, cultivators, and managers are deeply connected to the ever-evolving industry of cannabis which we are extremely passionate about sharing our knowledge. Each team member possesses a vast knowledge of the cannabis plant along with its life-enhancing properties, benefits and will make educated recommendations that meet your needs. Our dedicated cultivation team is technical and talented with years of expertise – these guys and gals love what they do! The result is our unrivaled, A+ grade quality flower which is second to none.

Visit one of our locations and experience The Green Joint difference!

Photography by: The Green Joint