A Living Wall is the New Luxury Interior Touch

Christine Benedetti | June 13, 2019 | Home & Real Estate Feature

This 14-foot green wall includes a chunk of old cedar that was found on the client’s ranch.

Green building is more than sustainability for one Basalt-based company; it’s the installation of living walls into homes and businesses. In Green Living combines preserved moss and living plants into lush green elements that serve as decorative pieces, replacing wall space that would normally hang art with something equally as beautiful and functional. “They have great acoustical values; not to mention, they are very calming as well,” says Joni Keefe, In Green Living’s founder. This spring, a green wall was erected at the Basalt Regional Library as part of an awareness campaign for interior greening. Keefe’s goal is to catalyze a valleywide movement supporting sustainability, green real estate and architecture. A houseplant is no longer just a houseplant.


Photography by: Cody Isaman Photography