A Talk With The Town Pooch

By Hayden Gamble | March 4, 2020 | Lifestyle

Kitty Jacob Astor II, The St. Regis Aspen dog and one of the town’s most famed (and loved) socialites, has a busy schedule.


Full Name: Kitty Jacob Astor II (I’m named after The St. Regis hotel’s founder, John Jacob Astor IV, who had a dog named Kitty in 1904).

Born: July 2, 2018

Age: 1.5

Weight: 120-ish pounds (depending on how many treats I eat that day)

Breed: Bernese mountain dog

Home: Aspen, CO

Job title: The St. Regis Aspen Resort dog

Owner/Momager: Jessica Young. She’s The St. Regis Aspen Resort marketing director (and also the best mom ever).

Siblings: Oso, my 5-year-old brother. He’s a Bernese too.

Favorite activity: Frolicking in the snow in the hotel courtyard and burying my toys there. I’m the ultimate powder pup.

Friends: All the staff at the hotel. I hang out with them pretty much every day.

Fears: None… I’m super laid-back.

Favorite Aspen event: In the summer, Bark ’n’ Brews in the hotel courtyard. In the winter, World Snow Polo. I have my very own igloo there, and I get to hang out and take pictures with all the swanky, stylish people.

Grooming habits: I go to the groomer once a week. I have a lot of fur… so it’s necessary. Plus, I like to look my best and have a silky smooth coat at all times. You never know who you’re going to run into (and who will pet you) in Aspen.

Work schedule: Monday through Saturday (with naps throughout the day)

What’s a typical day in the life of Kitty? After I have my breakfast in the morning, I like to say hi to the guys in the kitchen at White House Tavern (I live nearby). Then Mom and I go into work, and let me tell you, every day feels like the first! I can’t help but get so excited when I see my friends at the hotel. After checking in on everyone—this entails going around to each department and all the offices (I even have a special red chair in the accounting manager’s office)—I usually head over to the front drive or Aspen Sports to hang out and see people off on their adventures of the day. It’s a ruff life (wink, wink).

Favorite fan story: One time, this human surprised his girlfriend for her birthday by flying her to Aspen, all the way from Indianapolis, just to see me. Can you believe it? They stayed at the hotel for a few days, we went on walks, and I threw her an afternoon birthday party. I was paw-sitively flattered.

Favorite accessory: My ski goggles when I’m on the mountain

Guilty pleasure: Riding around on the hotel bellhop carts, when they let me. Woof. What a rush of adrenaline!

Favorite après-ski activity: The ceremonial daily Champagne sabering in the courtyard—a St. Regis tradition celebrating the transition from the day into night. [4:45PM in the winter, 5:15PM during the summer]

Favorite hang-out spot: The front drive of the hotel. The bell staff have a bed for me there.

Favorite pastime: Mornings or late afternoons are the optimum times for people-watching at the front drive.

Exciting news: I’m coming out with my very own Kitty Cabernet. It’ll be available at the hotel and various community events I attend, and all proceeds will go to another favorite human of mine, Seth Sachson at the Aspen Animal Shelter. And Lucky Day Animal Rescue, as well.

If you want to hang out with me, apply to be my fur butler, kitty@stregis.com.


Photography by: Carly Campbell, courtesy of St. Regis Aspen Resort