5 Burning Questions For Cha Cha Gallery's Charlotte Lena-Souki

By Michael McCarthy | September 1, 2020 | Lifestyle

Aspen’s renowned Cha Cha Gallery showcases rare Salvador Dalí sculptures through mid-September.

"Mae West Lips Sofa" and "Leda Low Table" by Salvador Dalí

The art world has long adored the surreal paintings, glasswork and furniture of Spanish artist Salvador Dalí, but the artist’s accomplishments as a sculptor are also monumentally appealing, if lesser known. Which is why collectors took notice when Aspen’s Cha Cha Gallery began offering a rare opportunity to see 29 of the artist’s bronze sculptures as part of its HOPE programming this summer.

Charlotte Lena-Souki, who opened Cha Cha Gallery in 2015, says she’s thrilled with the opportunity to have Dalí’s works available. She recently talked to us about the exhibit and what else to expect at the gallery this fall.

"Vision of the Angel" by Salvador Dalí

What do you love about the Dalí showcase and the HOPE exhibit in general?

My favorite aspect of this exhibit is the combination of different artists and styles, with a unified intent of bringing hope, joy and love to the community. Having this amazing bronze sculpture collection in Aspen is an honor.

What does Dalí’s mean to you?
His work has highly influenced a wide variety of contemporary artists, and his legacy is strong and very present, even today. What I love the most about this show is that all of his symbols are condensed: the melting clock, the elephant, the ant, the egg. You get a glimpse of the artist's mind. The museum piece 'Mae West Lips Sofa' is a statement piece, both historical and timeless.

"Man With Butterflies" "Surrealist Newton" and "Homage to Newton" by Salvador Dalí

Where can collectors get more information?

For a show catalogue, simply email the gallery at contact@chachagallery.com.

When coming to the Cha Cha Gallery for the first time, what can visitors and collectors expect?
Our gallery is committed to excellence. The show atmosphere is uplifting and colorful, and our knowledgeable and friendly staff is always here to share all of the secrets behind the works. We are welcoming and enjoy having visitors and clients from all over the world.

What's next for the Cha Cha Gallery this fall and winter?

During the coming months, we will continue to showcase a selection of international artists, both modern and contemporary, and at the same time, expanding our online presence to all corners of the world by participating in art fairs and staying connected to the global art scene.

Cha Cha Gallery’s permanent collection includes works by Jeff Koons, Mr. Brainwash, Laurence Jenkell, Domingo Zapata, Jonathan Bermudes and Aspen-born artist Samuel Prudden, among many others. Highlighted sculptural works include Richard Rhodes and British artist Tony Cragg. Gallery hours Tue.-Sat., 11AM-7PM, 426 E Hyman Ave., 970.925.1435

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Photography by: Lucas De Cesco